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    Thank You For The Fleas?

    • Script Topics

      Family, Thankfulness, Gratitude, School
    A mother is in a hurry, picking up her child from school. The streetlights are red, and Mom is impatient. She gets an unexpected lesson in patience from her child.

    I Can Carry It

    • Script Topics

      Surrender, Trust, Worries, School
    A kid who doesn’t think he needs help with carrying the burdens of life quickly becomes overwhelmed by parents, school, and more.


    • Script Topics

      Youth, School
    A new boy at school is pressured to choose between doing well in school and worshipping Chuck, one of the cool kids in schools.

    Career Day

    • Script Topics

      Parenting, Youth, School
    Frank is a career counselor, discussing career options with a young student and the need for planning ahead. Turns out he's counseling his own 4-year-old daughter.

    Body Image

    • Script Topics

      Love, Self-esteem, Youth, School
    Several teenagers try to alter their physiques before realizing that God designed them to be his perfect children, no matter what their body type.

    About a Boy

    • Script Topics

      Anger, Christian Living, Youth, School
    An anonymous note found in a locker reveals the secret pain resulting from school bullying.

    The Volunteer

    • Script Topics

      Evangelism, School
    A naive and somewhat arrogant student learns that helping others should not be about getting credit for oneself.

    The S.A. Tease

    • Script Topics

      School, Youth, Spirituality
    A student taking the SATs is surprised to find that each of the questions is centered around spiritual issues--and can't always be answered with multiple choice.

    The Leftovers

    • Script Topics

      School, Church Life, Stewardship
    Carol and Bob have invited Al/Alice, their child's teacher, over for dinner. They seem to genuinely want to demonstrate honor and appreciation for him/her, but all they have to offer is leftovers from the refrigerator - a metaphor for how we sometimes honor God with our resources.
    9 of 16 items
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