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    I Got This

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Marriage
    A father struggles to write the “father-of-the-bride” speech for his daughter’s wedding.

    Godzilla And Son

    • Script Topics

      Commitment, Self-esteem
    When Godzilla’s son gets discouraged, his father helps him to find the courage to persevere and keep knocking cities down, no matter how many times they’re rebuilt.

    The Daddy Game

    • Script Topics

      Family, Parenting
    Three dads compete in a game-show atmosphere to determine how they rate as fathers, but the winning dad struggles with the final round's Big Question.

    The Critics

    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Worship
    A group of churchgoers focus more on criticism of the church and its leaders than on worship.

    The Chorus Line Ladies

    • Script Topics

      Church Life
    Three elderly former chorus line dancers decide to go to church but are afraid of how they might be received.

    The Chains That Bind

    • Script Topics

    A woman who refuses to forgive finds herself chained to her offender, and thus hinders her own witness before others.

    The Eviction

    • Script Topics

      Spiritual Warfare
    A group of demons lose their secure way of existence when Jesus arrives on Earth and commands them to leave the hosts they've possessed.
    7 of 7 items
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