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  • Youthful Passions
  • An Unexpected Gift
  • Hold Fast
  • Idols Are Everywhere
  • A Tale Of Two Toys
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    Idle Worship

    • Script Topics

      Temptation, Idols, Spiritual Warfare, Materialism
    When her family is completely mesmerized by a huge new TV, Grandma has to resort to extreme measures to tear them away from it.

    Community of Five

    • Script Topics

      Relationships, Women
    Five very different women bring their doubts, fears, and worries to a small group meeting and discover how they can benefit each other.

    Census Time Blues

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    An overworked innkeeper and his family struggle to meet the needs of their crowded inn.

    The Party

    • Script Topics

      Temptation, Wisdom, Youth
    A guy goes to a party and hears several "voices." But only one is from God.

    The Daddy Game

    • Script Topics

      Family, Parenting
    Three dads compete in a game-show atmosphere to determine how they rate as fathers, but the winning dad struggles with the final round's Big Question.

    In Memory

    • Script Topics

    A man listens to the eulogies at his own funeral.

    Hello, You're On the Air

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Contentment
    To ask questions about what causes discontentment as well as what doesn't solve discontentment.


    • Script Topics

      Evangelism, Salvation
    A "gang" of evangelists confront their next recruit.

    Wait Is a Four-Letter Word

    • Script Topics

    A man becomes offended whenever anyone used the four-letter word"wait" in front of him - especially when they're asking him to, you knowテ
    9 of 10 items
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