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    No Body

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Crucifixion, Fear, Purpose
    Members of a church drama ministry team have more than a little confusion as they set up to put on a drama about Christ’s resurrection.

    That Guy Has To Die

    • Script Topics

      Crucifixion, Jesus
    In a spoof of the old Flash Gordon serials, the hero’s sidekick tells the hero that he has to die in order to help the hero save the day. A story that reminds us that Jesus died so that we could live.

    After the Rooster

    • Script Topics

    A contemporary look at Simon Peter, "The Rock," who denied the Lord but found forgiveness.

    Will Wordswiggle

    • Script Topics

    How would Peter react on a talk show when confronted with the question: Who is Jesus? Although you might think he'd deny he ever knew the man (three times), in this witty piece we actually discover that he has a hard time convincing the host that Jesus really rose from the dead.

    This Is Easter?

    Three women share their frustration with meeting expectations for the perfect Easter celebration.

    The Sun Rose Anyway

    • Script Topics

      Good Friday, Resurrection
    A reader's theatre-style look at the death and resurrection of Christ, and the persistence of the dawn, even in the darkest of situations.

    The Box of Stones

    • Script Topics

      Grace, Peace
    A young woman tries to find relief of her life's burdens by visiting a therapist and her friends but comes to realize that it is only through Christ that she can find true peace.

    Jesus' Unshared Vigil

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Good Friday, Prayer
    While watching Jesus pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter, James and John almost let their emotions get the best of them.
    8 of 8 items
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