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    Guy Fax

    • Script Topics

      Dating, Singleness, Honesty
    A Christian boy’s efforts to pick up a girl are thwarted by Guy Fax, a service that tells girls who a guy really is.

    Wedding Wows

    • Script Topics

      Marriage, Relationships
    A bride and groom haggle over the conditions of their wedding vows until it's unclear what their future relationship will bring besides confusion.

    The Personal Trainer

    • Script Topics

    Based on Ephesians 5:28-29 where husbands are told to love and take care of their wives as they do their own bodies, and wives are reminded to submit to and support their husbands, this sketch shows what can happen when we take today's self-help world too seriously.

    My Boyfriend Is a Dog

    • Script Topics

      Dating, Youth
    A young woman dating a boy who literally acts like a dog is encouraged by a friend to demand better in relationships.

    Manipulation Observation

    • Script Topics

    A wildlife observer comments on his latest subject of study: the manipulation ritual of the American married couple.

    How to Impress Women

    • Script Topics

      Dating, Youth
    A clueless young man gets some much-needed advice from his sister on how to impress a girl.

    Empty Tank

    • Script Topics

      Family, Marriage
    A couple faces the stress, exhaustion, and other more serious pitfalls of living the good life.
    7 of 7 items
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