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  • A Prayer for Father's Day
  • Cry Glory!
  • No Fear
  • A Litany Of Praise and Thanksgiving
  • Get a Life
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    After the Rooster

    • Script Topics

    A contemporary look at Simon Peter, "The Rock," who denied the Lord but found forgiveness.

    Trial By Pilate

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Good Friday
    Jesus' trial before Pilate is revisited, as readings from the Old and New Testaments answer Pilate's questions.

    Lego People

    • Script Topics

      Communication, Divorce, Family
    This touching reader's theater examines the effect of divorce on children: "They said they were getting a divorce. I remember seeing my Lego set in the corner of the room and thinking, 'I wish I was a Lego person; they're made to come apart.'"

    Get a Life

    • Script Topics

    This reader's theater piece is written for two readers but can be performed by more. It is a touching exploration of the places we look for love while ignoring God's still, small voice telling us, "You're wonderful. I love you."

    Cry Glory!

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    This is a dramatic reading, primarily of Scripture, focusing on God's glory. It is a powerful display of the power of God through numerous Scripture references.

    Working Nights

    • Script Topics

    A middle-aged man trying to work off debts gets a “lesson” in life and money planning from his teenage coffee house co-worker.
    6 of 6 items
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