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Six Days Till Sunday: A Week in the Life of a Sketch

Okay, so you'd like more than six days? Fine. These are just hypothetical steps that can fit longer schedules just as well. But don't kid yourself. Many a sketch goes down with even less than six days’ warning... Read Post →

Matching the Actor to the Role

Summer is the perfect time to prepare for the busy Fall/Winter season by recharging your group's creativity. Read Post →

Don't Call Us...We'll Call You

Whether casting for a single production or developing a drama team, holding auditions can be a stressful process for both you and your actors. Read Post →

Building Blocks

Although it would be nice to have a theater degree and a group of 20 professional actors signed up for the drama at your church, it is not necessary. Read Post →

Auditions Tonight...No Experience Necessary (Part 2)

I got the PART! I tried to act nonchalant, like it meant something, but not like it was so important that if I hadn’t gotten the part, I couldn’t have pulled myself together. Read Post →

Auditions Tonight...No Experience Necessary (part 1)

There it was, as plain as day. “Auditions for the adult spring drama. Monday evening. Seven o’clock.” Read Post →

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