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Oh, What Fun! Comedies for Christmas

Come along for a short sleigh-ride through this fun selection of comedies for Christmas! Read Post →

Last-Minute Easter Scripts

If you're running low on time and you're still on the fence about adding a special dramatic flourish to your Easter services––don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out our short list of last-minute scripts that are easier to learn, rehearse, and perform! Read Post →

Dynamic Dramas for Easter

Join us as we explore some our most dynamic Easter-themed dramas that proclaim the truth and power of Christ's Resurrection! Read Post →

Compelling Comedies for Easter

Join us as we explore a special list of compelling comedies that use humor to drive home the Easter message in a fun and relatable way! Read Post →

Christmas Scripts Inspired by the Infant & Manger

Welcome to part four of our special Christmas series of scripts and devotionals! This time we'll look deeper into the night of Jesus' birth and explore Christmas Scripts Inspired by the Infant & Manger. Read Post →

Christmas Scripts Inspired by Angels & Stars

Join us as we explore the significance of angels and stars in the Christmas story! We'll also look at Christmas scripts inspired by the signs and wonders that God used to announce the birth of Jesus! Read Post →

Christmas Scripts Inspired by the Shepherds & Wise Men

The following devotional and script selections remind us of the shepherds and wise men, and their special place in the Christmas story. Shepherds and wise men are fixtures in our nativity sets, and it just wouldn't be Christmas without arranging those heirloom porcelain figures around the manger scene. But have you ever wondered about the shepherds and wise men? Read Post →

Christmas Scripts Inspired by Mary

Welcome to part one of our special four-part journey into Christmas! The following devotional and featured script selections focus on Mary and the importance of her role in the Christmas story. Join us as we begin with Christmas Scripts Inspired by Mary. Read Post →

Redemptive Reader's Theatre for Easter

In this feature, we'll present Redemptive Reader's Theatre for Easter! These compelling pieces are shorter in length, easier to rehearse, and are designed to be read without the need for full memorization. Be sure to check out our script selections below! These scripts provide the opportunity to create an inspirational segment in your Easter services and offer a memorable experience for your church congregation! Read Post →

Sensational Short Scripts for Easter

In this feature, we'll explore some of our Sensational Short Scripts for Easter! These short scripts are under 5 minutes in length and are easier to learn, rehearse, and perform. Each of them requires minimal planning and a cast of fewer people, which helps to keep things simple, yet powerful! Read Post →
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