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Conquering Christmas

It's almost Christmas again, which means, among other things, that you have to come up with something to do with drama. Read Post →

Where Are You Coming From?

"Where are you coming from?" "Stage left. .. ?" "That's where you're making your entrance, but where are you coming from?" Read Post →

Making The Point The Point

We've all had the experience of walking down to the basement only to forget what we were looking for. Read Post →

Learning To See God In Our Reality

I believe the things that seem the least spiritual may actually be the most spiritual things we do. Read Post →

Clearly Your Intention

People usually do not speak merely to fill "dead air," church business meetings notwithstanding. Read Post →

Teen Tsunami

A youth pastor from Oregon called my church to ask, "We're ready to start using drama with our youth group, can you help us?" Read Post →

What Your Kids Get From Drama Ministry

It's pretty much a given these days that drama works as an effective ministry. Read Post →

Pick Up The Pace

Helping beginning actors to understand - and make use of - timing is one of the most practical ways to improve their performances. Read Post →

Time For A Creative Boost!

Summer is the perfect time to prepare for the busy Fall/Winter season by recharging your group's creativity. Read Post →

Ask: "What If?'

What are you going to do? You're at the bottom of your stack of drama preview publications and have yet to find even one sketch that matches next month's sermon theme. Read Post →
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