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Test Driving A Script

Few of us would buy a car without first driving it. Sure, we might like its lines, its horsepower or its price. Read Post →

Cross Where and Don't Break What?

Theatrical terminology can be very confusing to people who are new to drama ministry. Being on stage and listening to a director speak lingo you can barely understand can be intimidating... Read Post →

The Drama Retreat

Actors tired? Techs uninspired? Leadership less than wired? When your drama ministry needs a change of scene, a retreat offers a unique opportunity to refresh your team and renew your creative spirit. Read Post →

Building Blocks

Although it would be nice to have a theater degree and a group of 20 professional actors signed up for the drama at your church, it is not necessary. Read Post →

Servant or Star?

I got an e-mail the other day from a drama team member who felt he was not being given enough "stage time." Read Post →

And The Conductor Was Sore Afraid

Participating in the yearly Sunday school Christmas pageant gave me the erroneous impression that the humble barn where Jesus was born had been a quiet setting. Read Post →

Conquering Christmas

It's almost Christmas again, which means, among other things, that you have to come up with something to do with drama. Read Post →

Where Are You Coming From?

"Where are you coming from?" "Stage left. .. ?" "That's where you're making your entrance, but where are you coming from?" Read Post →

Making The Point The Point

We've all had the experience of walking down to the basement only to forget what we were looking for. Read Post →

Learning To See God In Our Reality

I believe the things that seem the least spiritual may actually be the most spiritual things we do. Read Post →
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