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Suffer The Little Children: Helping Kids Understand Easter

As a mother of two young children, I often find myself using my theater background at home. Read Post →

Your Easter Event: Intimacy vs. Pageantry

How do you react to a sermon when you're touched by what's being said? Do you give little grunts of appreciation, maybe even a vocal "amen" when the Spirit really moves you? Read Post →

10 Powerful Reasons Why Church Drama Is a Good Thing

Oh. You thought we were talking about THAT kind of church drama... Nope. Sorry to disappoint you. Instead, we’re big fans of church drama ministries. Read Post →

Acting Skill Exercises

5 exercises to try in your rehearsals Read Post →

Crack Open the Road Map

Have you ever embarked on a trip, be it across town or across a couple of counties, and thought you knew the way? Read Post →


One of the most effective ways to encourage your actors is the post-performance meeting. Read Post →


During times of overwhelming disaster, Jesus tells His followers to “not be frightened. Read Post →

Auditions Tonight...No Experience Necessary (Part 2)

I got the PART! I tried to act nonchalant, like it meant something, but not like it was so important that if I hadn’t gotten the part, I couldn’t have pulled myself together. Read Post →

Auditions Tonight...No Experience Necessary (part 1)

There it was, as plain as day. “Auditions for the adult spring drama. Monday evening. Seven o’clock.” Read Post →
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