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The Advent Season: Dramatically Preparing the Way for Christmas

Historically, Advent is a time to contemplate not only the joyous birth of a babe in Bethlehem, but life and death, eternity and the Lord’s return. And that’s just what we drama directors do during Advent, right? When we’re not recruiting people to sew angel wings, setting up rehearsals for the contemporary sketch for Christmas Eve, or planning the drama team party, we ponder life and eternity.

This Advent, use your rehearsals not only to prepare dramatically but to give your team time to share the deeper joy of the season. You can use this devotion to enhance the actors’ understanding of the Scripture or simply as focused fellowship in the midst of a hectic time.


  • Invite four people to read aloud: Luke 1:8–20, 26–38; Daniel 8:15–17, 27 and Daniel 9:20–23.
  • Discuss these questions:
  • What does Gabriel look like?
  • Describe how people feel when they come in contact with Gabriel.
  • What happened to Daniel, Mary and Zechariah when Gabriel left them?
  • How and when has God’s presence been so real to you it has left you changed?
  • What hope did that encounter bring you?
  • Spend some time in prayer for areas in one another’s lives where hope is needed.


  • Have someone read aloud Luke 2:8–20.
  • Discuss these questions:
  • How did the shepherds react to seeing Mary, Joseph and the baby?
  • In verse 15, how do you think they felt about being the ones the Lord told about “this thing that has happened”?
  • How has your call to drama ministry changed your personal relationship with God?
  • Pray for each other to be steadfast in your ministry and faithful to the people God has put in your lives.


  • Ask volunteers to read Luke 1: 5–7, 21–25, 19–45 and 57–66.
  • Discuss these questions:
  • How do you think Zechariah felt before he went into the temple? When he came out? When he went home? When his son was born?
  • Describe Elizabeth’s different emotions in verses 23–24, 41–45 and 57–66.
  • When have you experienced the sustaining joy of the Lord even in the midst of changing circumstances and emotions?
  • Pray that during the holidays your team will experience the deep joy of the Lord and remain focused on that, even as they serve their families and neighbors.


  • Ask for two people to read: Luke 2:22–35 and Luke 2:36, 39.
  • Discuss these questions:
  • What had God promised Simeon?
  • In verse 38, at what very moment do you think Anna came up to Mary and Joseph?
  • Describe some of the emotions Simeon and Anna might have felt when they saw Mary, Joseph and the baby.
  • Has anyone in your group experienced a promise of God fulfilled? Ask them to share the emotions they had when they realized he was fulfilling his Word to them.
  • Pray for the desires of one another’s hearts that God would align them with the promises in his Word. As busy as your team members will be during Christmas, they will look forward to your meetings knowing you are providing a moment to connect with one another and to reflect on the reason for the season. 
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