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Remarkable Reader's Theatre for Christmas

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a little drama! If you'd like to present something simple but special for the holidays, Drama Ministry has a great selection of easy Christmas-themed scripts that can be performed by an individual, small team, or even larger casts.

In this feature, we'll explore a selection of 
Reader's Theatre Scripts for Christmas. These pieces call for smaller casts ranging from 1 to 6 readers, are shorter in length, and require less time to prepare and rehearse, so be sure to check them out!

A Christmas of Poetry
Cast: 1 or 2
Poignant yet powerful, sentimental yet scriptural, "A Christmas of Poetry" features 5 original free-verse poems and Scripture readings. This heartfelt piece can be read by one or two people. We've included some song suggestions as well if you'd like to add a musical element!

Born Is a King!
Cast: 2
A pair of tour guides lead the audience through the sites of two contrasting royal birthplaces. Discover the differences between a King of God’s choosing and a king chosen by man. Which king would you choose to follow based on the pedigrees presented?

Christmas Presence
Cast: 4 
A reader's theatre perspective on the greatest gift of the holiday season: the presence of God.

A Christmas Proverbs 31 Woman
Cast: 3
An ode to the godly woman during the Christmas season.

Prepare the Way
Cast: 6
Readings from the book of Isaiah and the Gospel according to Mark combine to form a beautiful dramatic reading of the nativity story. A wonderful text for the Advent season.

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Jaymey Hardin

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