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Sensational Short Scripts for Easter

In this feature, we'll explore some of our Sensational Short Scripts for Easter! These short scripts are under 5 minutes in length and are easier to learn, rehearse, and perform. Each of them requires minimal planning and a cast of fewer people, which helps to keep things simple, yet powerful!

These compelling short scripts provide an opportunity to present something special and unique for your church congregation this Easter. Drama Ministry offers an excellent assortment of scripts that can really make a difference and create a memorable experience for all in attendance.

Just click on the links below for more information and a short preview of each script!

The Easter Parade
Easter, Family, Priorities
As Paul and Connie prepare to host an Easter egg hunt, they debate the meaning of the holy day. But the meaning of their debate takes a radical shift when tragedy strikes. Cast: 2

He Was Not a Man
Easter, Biblical Times
Pontius Pilate reflects on his fateful decision that sent an innocent Man to Calvary. Cast: 2

Crucifixion, Good Friday
When two servants discuss the crucifixion of Jesus, one tells how Peter's denial brought about a change in her opinion of the man. A convicting call to stand in the midst of persecution, as we never know who may be watching. Cast: 2

Jesus' Unshared Vigil
Bible Story, Good Friday, Prayer
While watching Jesus pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter, James and John almost let their emotions get the best of them. Cast: 3

Crucify Him
Crucifixion, Good Friday
A man stumbles into the mob calling for Jesus' death and joins right in until he hears who the crowd wants to execute. Cast: 4

Farewell to Judas
Crucifixion, Good Friday
Before the last supper, Jesus shares a final, private conversation with Judas. Cast: 4

Betrayal and Love
Easter, Bible Story
Two followers of Jesus, Simon Peter, and Judas Iscariot, have very different reactions to their Master's act of service. Cast: 5


Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

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