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Christmas Scripts Inspired by Mary

Welcome to part one of our special four-part journey into Christmas! The following devotional and featured script selections focus on Mary and the importance of her role in the Christmas story. Join us as we begin with Christmas Scripts Inspired by Mary.

Have you ever wondered about Jesus' mother, Mary? Have you ever really considered what it was like to be in her position? Imagine this young woman... God chose her to deliver His Son. He chose her to deliver the one and only Redeemer who would lay His life down for all humanity. Imagine getting the news that you will give birth to the Son of God. That’s an incredible thing. That's an awesome responsibility and it must have required a great deal of faith.

The Bible tells us that Mary had become pregnant through the Holy Spirit. She trusted the Lord with this, but it could not have been easy for her to tell Joseph, her soon to be husband, that she was with child. Joseph was an honorable man who followed the law and was understandably concerned. He considered leaving Mary and quietly ending their engagement, but an angel appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.”

Mary's story is an incredible one, but it must have been unimaginably difficult at times. Nevertheless, she trusted the Lord with all her heart. She loved Jesus, she raised Him, she cared for Him, and she mothered Him. She walked with Him––she followed Him, and she was by His side when He paid the final price for our sins. She was the only person to have known Jesus throughout His entire life. She gave birth to Him, her precious baby. And later she watched Him die as her loving Savior. She walked in faith, she trusted God with her questions, her thoughts, and her fears.

The following scripts remind us of Mary and her special role in the Christmas story. We hope you’ll consider these incredible pieces as you make your Christmas drama preparations. For more information and a short preview of each script, simply click on the links below!

You can find more devotionals and scripts from our Christmas series in the links below:

Bigger Plans
A modern Mary tells of how her childhood dreams for an elaborate wedding all changed when an angel appeared.

Are You Worthy?
An angelic game show host questions his next contestant: Mary, the future mother of the Savior.

A Christmas Bus Ride Story
One stranger (Mary) explains the point of Christmas to a scared and disillusioned stranger in labor with her first child.

Guess What, Joseph?
Mary visits Joseph at his workshop to tell him she's had an unusual visitor who imparted some wonderful, yet unsettling, news.

There's Nothing About Mary (Christmas on Woodward, Part 1)
Part One (of Four) depicting Mary's fears regarding what Joseph will say about her pregnancy in a modern day Nativity story (which takes place in an underprivileged community).

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Jaymey Hardin

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