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Compelling Comedies for Easter

Join us as we explore a special list of compelling comedies that use humor to drive home the Easter message in a fun and relatable way. This list features scripts for casts of 2 to more than 5 people, they're all shorter in length, and will fit perfectly in your church worship services or special events in the Easter season. These comedic scripts will bring joy to your audience while illustrating the Easter message with humor and grace. Be sure to check them out!

Easter Labs
Easter (Cast: 2)
Two researchers introduce items to make Easter better, but they admit there is no way to improve on the story and message of Easter.

Easter, Salvation (Cast: 2)
Two baseball announcers call the final game between Satan's Demons and Jesus and the Saints, when Jesus makes a sacrifice to win the game for his children.

The Hunt
Easter, Christian Living (Cast: 2)
Two egg hunters search for Easter goodies, only to come across a cross in their quest.

This Is Easter?
Easter, Christian Living (Cast: 3)
Three women share their frustration with meeting expectations for the perfect Easter celebration.

Without Jesus
Easter, Resurrection (Cast: 5)
A father tells a little girl a fairy tale to illustrate what life would be like if there were no Jesus and no resurrection.

Welcoming the King
Easter, Palm Sunday (Cast: Over 5)
A group of children discover that the family donkey is carrying Jesus into Jerusalem, so they and their friends get palm branches to welcome him.

Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin has been a noteworthy leader in the Contemporary Christian Music market for more than 20 years. Known for his work in marketing, product development, and A&R, he is also credited for his contributions as a writer, videographer, and musician. He is the son of a preacher man and has a heart for the church. He and his wife, Lindsay live in Franklin, TN, and are expecting their very first... dog.

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