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Superhero Dramas to Save the Day!

"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!" Join us as we explore a super selection of heroic dramas that tackle the topics of faith, prayer, commitment, identity, trust, waiting, and more. And each of these scripts includes a super-hero twist! With 6 comedies + a reader's theatre piece, you'll find just the right drama to lead your team bravely through these challenging topics!

With fun, humorous, and heroic scripts, these easy-to-learn dramas will add a light comedic touch while packing a powerful punch for your drama ministry! Take a few minutes to review and consider adding these super-fun and meaningful dramas to your list...they might just save the day! 

Super Heroes
Faith, Prayer, Youth
Some superheroes find themselves in need of rescue and discover that in time of need, there's only one real Hero who can help.

Super Guy
Christian Living
Superman arrives at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and is shocked to learn that a lifetime of good deeds isn't enough to let Him in.

Christian Living, Sin
Superman's doctor is shocked to find the Man of Steel in sad condition for his physical exam.

A Not-So-Super Resolution
A man's flippant New Year's resolution to become a superhero bites him back when a supervillain declares war on him.

The Man Who Talks to Fish
Church Life, Identity
A TV reporter isn’t thrilled about interviewing Aquaman, but the underwater hero has a valuable lesson to share about knowing your role and playing your part.

This Guy Has to Die
Crucifixion, Jesus
In a spoof of the old Flash Gordon serials, the hero’s sidekick tells the hero that he has to die in order to help the hero save the day. A story that reminds us that Jesus died so that we could live.

Hebrews Hall of Faith
Faith, Trust, Waiting
A virtual “Hall of Faith” is created as Hebrews chapter 11 is read aloud. As each Old Testament hero is mentioned, participants silently gather on stage. Each one holds a poster displaying their name and faithful deed. The result is a grouping of “Bible Greats” in present day form.

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Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

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