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10 Powerful Reasons Why Church Drama Is a Good Thing

Oh. You thought we were talking about THAT kind of church drama...

Nope. Sorry to disappoint you.

Instead, we’re big fans of church drama ministries. We thought we’d start the year by reminding ourselves—and others—of 10 powerful reasons it’s more relevant than ever in today’s church environment:

1. It’s BIBLICAL: The bible is not an encyclopedia of information about God; rather it’s the dramatic narrative of God’s relationship with real people told over the centuries. Using drama to tell a dramatic story only makes sense.

2. It’s INCARNATIONAL:  When we act out scriptural stories and principles, we’re giving them flesh and blood—making them real to those who are performing as well as to those who are watching.

3. It’s GOSPEL: Jesus constantly employed dramatic and comedic stories to convey what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. So can we.

4. It’s HISTORICAL: Down through the centuries, the Church has used “Passion Plays” and other theatrical devices to inspire congregants and evangelize the world.

5. It’s CREATIVE: Our Heavenly Father is pleased when our worship reflects his divine, creative image. Drama can be a fresh, innovative expression of his nature in us.

6. It’s ENGAGING: Theater can allow more members of your congregation to be involved in public and platform ministry.

7. It’s UNEXPECTED: A properly placed dramatic vignette, sermon illustration or comedic interlude can keep your congregation surprised and attuned to your message.

8. It’s EMOTIONAL:  Drama can evoke laughter and tears and is often a more direct route to the heart than going through the brain.

9. It’s COMMUNAL: Theatrical productions not only involve personal senses but also the dynamic of experiencing and reacting as a community.

10. It’s IMPACTFUL: No matter your audience’s age, a dramatic performance can be more transformative and memorable than simply conveying information.

Yes, our company has a vested interest in more churches using drama, but it’s not just a financial one. You see, we’ve stayed in this business for more than 20 years because we love how these resources honor God and inspire people.

So let’s do this thing!


--Vince Wilcox, general manager


Thank-you very much for such an inspiring outline of the 10 Powerful Reasons Why Church Drama Is A Good Thing. The reasons clearly pointed out that the drama is honoring God and as stated it is inspiring people. I found it to be so motivating and am eager to share this with my church and community outreach drama ministry.
Carolyn Biggs posted on Sep 13th, 2016

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