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  • Born is a King!
  • The Innkeeper's Daughter (with suggested carols)
  • A Christmas of Poetry
  • An Advent Service of Candles & Carols
  • Youthful Passions
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    What's Next?

    • Script Topics

      Trust, Surrender, Listening To God, Anxiety
    A young father is doing everything in his power to persevere through job turmoil, but he is anxious about what’s next.

    Idle Worship

    • Script Topics

      Temptation, Idols, Spiritual Warfare, Materialism
    When her family is completely mesmerized by a huge new TV, Grandma has to resort to extreme measures to tear them away from it.

    Community of Five

    • Script Topics

      Relationships, Women
    Five very different women bring their doubts, fears, and worries to a small group meeting and discover how they can benefit each other.

    Census Time Blues

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    An overworked innkeeper and his family struggle to meet the needs of their crowded inn.

    Body Image

    • Script Topics

      Love, Self-esteem, Youth, School
    Several teenagers try to alter their physiques before realizing that God designed them to be his perfect children, no matter what their body type.

    Bar Stories

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Purpose, Evangelism
    Drinking buddies at a closing bar toast friends long gone. The last one mentioned is a friend who found Jesus and left them for his Christian friends, never returning to share the gospel.

    The Party

    • Script Topics

      Temptation, Wisdom, Youth
    A guy goes to a party and hears several "voices." But only one is from God.

    The Daddy Game

    • Script Topics

      Family, Parenting
    Three dads compete in a game-show atmosphere to determine how they rate as fathers, but the winning dad struggles with the final round's Big Question.

    The Bells

    • Script Topics

    Inspired by the folk tale When the Chimes Rang. A young boy and his sister travel to town to make a humble Christmas offering. Everyone in church is hoping that the chimes will ring, and many elaborate gifts are given. But it is the offering of the children that ultimately makes the chimes ring.
    9 of 18 items
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