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    Whom Shall I Fear?

    • Script Topics

    A daytime talk show host invites two scary guys and a little girl to talk about what they fear.

    Nobody Believes In Zombies Anymore

    • Script Topics

      Faith, Unbelief, Halloween
    Jason refuses to believe in zombies, even in the face of some very... overpowering evidence.

    Trick or Treat

    • Script Topics

      Repentance, Sin
    A strange Halloween visitor displays a remarkable trick, making the homeowner very uncomfortable.

    The Grace of Frankenstein

    • Script Topics

    When Dr. Frankenstein's creature eats all the neighborhood kids' Halloween candy, the doctor takes the punishment for his crime.

    The Dying Among Us

    Kelly and Beth are getting ready to go out with their friends Mark and Craig on Halloween. They are putting finishing touches on their costumes when Mark and Craig arrive, dressed as the Grim Reaper and a pirate. In the ensuing conversation, we learn that one of the teens is on the verge of suicide.

    Risen Again

    • Script Topics

    Real monsters crash a church Halloween party and learn the gospel.
    6 of 6 items
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