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    A Devil's Wish For Xmas

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent
    The devil offers his own sincere, heart-felt wishes for the holiday season.

    Bound to Grow

    • Script Topics

    A plant is being watered by a gardener when the plant speaks and tells the gardener he's root bound. The gardener makes the connection between plant life and spiritual life.

    Answering the Call

    • Script Topics

    Tom struggles to find quiet time with the Lord.

    About My Neighbors

    • Script Topics

    A young woman tries to reason with God about his expectations for loving her neighbor.

    That Was a Close One

    • Script Topics

    A man recording his bio for a video dating service reveals his inner insecurities.

    Right in Front of Me

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    A woman recounts incidents from her past when she shoud have stood up to the people she loved.


    • Script Topics

    A frustrated husband decides on a radical new approach to solving his marriage problems.

    Old Socks

    A man ponders what sock to wear. Should he wear the old familiar sock with holes in it or move on to the shiny new white one?

    Fat and Happy Contentment

    • Script Topics

    A man wrestles with whether or not he should buy something in Home Depot. He wonders if material things can really satisfy.
    9 of 9 items
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