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  • The Innkeeper's Daughter (with suggested carols)
  • Youthful Passions
  • An Unexpected Gift
  • Hold Fast
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    At The Choke and Puke

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent, Wisdom
    The Magi shares the story of his journey with a trucker when he stops to “gas up” and eat on the way to Israel.

    It's Just What I've Always Wanted

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent, Giving, Thankfulness
    Contestants compete on a game show to see who can pretend to love an undesirable Christmas gift the best.

    Gift Return

    • Script Topics

      Salvation, Thankfulness
    Store employees can’t believe it when a kid wants to return the most wanted must-have gift of the Christmas season.

    Army Men

    • Script Topics

    A game of army men turns into an illustration about the army of God.

    We Three Kings

    • Script Topics

    The three wise men try to write a song worthy of the newborn Savior only to realize they need to be on their knees rather than caught up in their thoughts.
    5 of 5 items
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