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    Heaven Smells Like Chicken

    • Script Topics

    A TV reporter interviews a man who claims to have seen Heaven.

    Grounded At Birth

    • Script Topics

      Anxiety, Children, Family, Parenting
    After finishing their unborn child’s nursery, young parents begin imagining the kind of rebellion and ingratitude their child will have and ground her before she’s even born.

    Christmas Traditions with Martha and Homer

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent
    Martha and Homer share their approach to various Christmas traditions and expectations.

    Are You Worthy?

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent, Christian Living
    An angelic game show host questions his next contestant: Mary, the future mother of the Savior.

    A Christmas Bus Ride Story

    • Script Topics

      Parenting, Women
    One stranger (Mary) explains the point of Christmas to a scared and disullusioned stranger in labor with her first child.

    Who Begat Whom

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Gossip
    Two gossiping women in the first century discuss the family genealogy of Jesus.

    The Christmas Wish

    Two shepherds on the hills close to Bethlehem on are about to find out that wishes really do come true.

    Quittin' Time

    • Script Topics

      Love, Priorities
    A department store Santa sits down on a bench and begins to complain about his woes of the season to the young stranger next to him. Soon Santa shows himself to be something other than the kind old Kris Kringle one would expect.

    Offending the Neighbors

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Witnessing
    A "concerned" neighbor warns his Christian friend that his nativity display may be offensive to those who are not Christian.
    9 of 13 items
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