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  • The Innkeeper's Daughter (with suggested carols)
  • Youthful Passions
  • An Unexpected Gift
  • Hold Fast
  • Idols Are Everywhere
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    Father's Advice Network

    • Script Topics

      Anxiety, Doubts, Family, Parenting
    A brand-new father is full of panic about being responsible for his infant daughter, and turns to the Father’s Advice Network for help.


    • Script Topics

      Love, Parenting
    A group of fathers discuss what it’s like having children who are ungrateful. One of them just happens to be the Lord.

    My Father the Zero

    • Script Topics

    A young woman tries to pay tribute to her lousy dad.

    Media Images

    • Script Topics

    An applicant visits a media agency to apply for the job of father, but has a difficult time finding a father role that is portrayed in a positive light.
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