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    Between Two Steves

    • Script Topics

      Witnessing, Kindness, Judging Others
    A teenage girl tells the story of the two Steves who rode the bus with her. One Steve was always friendly. The Christian Steve never said a word to her - except to judge her. When she had a problem, she turned to the Steve that had always been friendly - and made a regretful decision.

    Into The Black

    • Script Topics

    A small business owner is increasingly concerned about our misplaced focus around the holidays.

    The Witness

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Crucifixion, Sin
    One of the false witnesses at the trial of Christ remembers His time in court.

    Baby Girl

    • Script Topics

      Death, Healing
    When a father finds that his daughter has breast cancer, he struggles to understand why God would choose to intervene miraculously in one person's life and not in another's.


    • Script Topics

    To open a discussion about loneliness.

    A Sea of Troubles

    • Script Topics

      Depression, Loneliness
    To show the struggle of someone who is lost.

    A Conversation With Her Son

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    Mary looks back on her life shortly after Jesus' return to heaven and sees how marvelously God was at work in every part of her life.

    Whether or Not

    • Script Topics

    A guy having a hard year remembers when his faith in Santa Claus was tested, then reflects on how that story helped him keep his faith in Christ.

    What's Her Problem?

    • Script Topics

      Self-esteem, Youth
    A jilted boyfriend tells his buddy why his girlfriend dumped him. While he wonders what her problem is, it becomes all too clear that he is blind to his own problems.
    9 of 16 items
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