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    A Gift

    • Script Topics

      Love, Relationships, Youth
    How does anyone find love? After the breakup of a relationship, Jess feels unloved and unlovable. It takes an honest reminder from a friend for Jess to remember how beautiful she truly is. This slice-of-life sketch is a reminder that love has already come to us all.

    The King Has Come

    • Script Topics

      Love, Relationships
    Maggie is meeting Derek's family for the first time and is anxious to make a good impression; perhaps too anxious.

    So Far Away

    • Script Topics

      Marriage, Relationships
    When Jacob is turned down for a promotion at work, he struggles to feel connected with his wife.


    • Script Topics

      Forgiveness, Marriage
    Chuck and Kelly are in a big argument. But the real trouble begins when neither one can remember what the argument is about!
    4 of 4 items
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