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    Count Your Dishes

    • Script Topics

      Family, Thankfulness
    A thankful mother counts her blessings while cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner.

    Are You Listening?

    • Script Topics

    A young girl is discouraged because she feels as if God is ignoring her. But what she doesn't realize is that God is speaking to her; she just cannot hear Him.

    Will Wordswiggle

    • Script Topics

    How would Peter react on a talk show when confronted with the question: Who is Jesus? Although you might think he'd deny he ever knew the man (three times), in this witty piece we actually discover that he has a hard time convincing the host that Jesus really rose from the dead.

    Why We're Here

    • Script Topics

      Church Life
    A friend visiting a new church building sees it as a symbol of affluence, while the church member is reminded why the church exists.

    What To Do with the Wounded

    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Judging Others, Sin
    Two believers discuss what they should do when they encounter a believer who has sinned.

    Time Audit

    • Script Topics

      Priorities, Stewardship
    Gwen is an overworked Christian with little time to spare, but when she's audited by a heavenly representative of the ERS (Eternal Revenue Service) she's shocked to learn where most of her time is going. A wonderful commentary on separating the urgent from the important in a busy world.

    This Is Easter?

    Three women share their frustration with meeting expectations for the perfect Easter celebration.

    The Three D's

    • Script Topics

      Divorce, Loneliness
    Three bridesmaids (one a widow, one divorced and one never married) confront their feelings of loneliness as the bride drives away.

    The Bread's Better On the Other Side

    • Script Topics

    Bob, Elaine and Judy are all eating their daily bread. But Bob is discontented when he thinks that Elaine and Judy have better bread. Frustrated, Bob forsakes his own bread, and unknowingly abandons the hidden treasure within.
    9 of 13 items
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