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  • Thank You For The Fleas?
  • If Only
  • Career Day
  • Daddy's Girl
  • Intimacy
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    Thanks, Dad!

    • Script Topics

      Family, Relationships
    An adult daughter writes a heartfelt card to her father, as both enjoy reminiscing about her growing up years.

    Golf Day for Dad

    • Script Topics

    Two fathers compare notes about family on Father's Day: one who golfs all year and neglects his family, the other who only golfs on Father's Day.

    Daddy's Girl

    • Script Topics

      Commitment, Parenting
    Twenty-year-old Lizzie makes a surprise visit home from college. Her father is suspicious there's more to the visit than Lizzie's letting on. It turns out Lizzie has really overcommitted herself and needs a little comfort from Dad.
    3 of 3 items
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