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    Life By The Numbers

    • Script Topics

      Doubts, Faith, Trust, Obedience
    An artist assures his new student that following his guidance will produce a beautiful painting. The students doubts, however, become a barrier to progress and force a decision between trust and fear.

    The Wreck Room

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Priorities
    Jack has decided to surprise his wife, Renee, by building a rec room onto their house. But this latest purchase is the last straw for Renee, who yearns for days gone by when the pair had committed to living a radical life of faith and trusting in God.

    The Bread's Better On the Other Side

    • Script Topics

    Bob, Elaine and Judy are all eating their daily bread. But Bob is discontented when he thinks that Elaine and Judy have better bread. Frustrated, Bob forsakes his own bread, and unknowingly abandons the hidden treasure within.
    3 of 3 items
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