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  • A Statement of Belief
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    A Father's Role

    • Script Topics

    A Christian father works through his ever-changing role in his child's life, from the baby's first weeks home from the hospital to his daughter's wedding. An endearing approach to the difficulty of 'letting go' as children leave the nest, and an encouragement to fathers who are struggling.

    The New Father

    • Script Topics

    In this familiar setting, a brand-new father is greeted by a friend in the waiting room of a hospital. The celebration of the birth and the proud plans for the new child dissolve into confessions of fear and insecurity. A thoughtful sketch on the responsibility of parenting.

    In a Little While

    • Script Topics

      Death, Love, Relationships
    As a young woman struggles with her daily life, an unexpected letter from her father arrives. In the letter, the dying man affirms his unconditional love for his child, and prays that she find the mirror of that love with God the father.
    3 of 3 items
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