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    Not So Different

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Fear, Peace, Trust
    In a moment when the world seems its darkest, Michelle learns a lesson about the peace only God can give.


    • Script Topics

      Crucifixion, Trust
    During a power outage, a father has time to reflect on the darkness that covered the earth during the crucifixion of Christ.


    • Script Topics

      Faith, Trust
    While waiting for an ominous phone call, a widow irons clothes and reflects on some of life’s wrinkles.

    Trust God

    • Script Topics

    Trusting God is not always easy. Our faith is often tested by time, fear, other people's opinions and our own self-doubt. This monologue explores some of the many obstacles that hinder us from completely trusting in God.

    Freight Train Peace

    • Script Topics

      Faith, Fear
    A woman speaks candidly and from her heart about the struggles she wrestles with regarding fear, trust, and loneliness.

    Forgotten Friend

    • Script Topics

    An unanswered prayer reminds us to trust God to work in all things for good.
    6 of 6 items
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