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  • Born is a King!
  • A Christmas of Poetry
  • An Advent Service of Candles & Carols
  • A Prayer for Father's Day
  • Cry Glory!
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    Getting Away With It

    • Script Topics

      Dishonesty, Sin
    A man looks back on a lifetime of lies, and nervously forward to his final appointment with the God of Truth.

    After the Rooster

    • Script Topics

    A contemporary look at Simon Peter, "The Rock," who denied the Lord but found forgiveness.

    A Christmas Proverbs 31 Woman

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent
    An ode to the godly woman during the Christmas season.

    The Sun Rose Anyway

    • Script Topics

      Good Friday, Resurrection
    A reader's theatre-style look at the death and resurrection of Christ, and the persistence of the dawn, even in the darkest of situations.


    • Script Topics

    A Reader's Theatre for the remembrance of the attacks of 9/11.
    5 of 5 items
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