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  • Born is a King!
  • A Christmas of Poetry
  • An Advent Service of Candles & Carols
  • A Prayer for Father's Day
  • Cry Glory!
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    A Prayer for Father's Day

    • Script Topics

      Family, Parenting
    Modeled on the Lord's Prayer, this prayer covers all fathers - those here now and passed, good ones and failed ones - and asks God's blessings on all.

    Cows Don't Low; They Moo!

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    A reader's theatre approach to the carol "Away in a Manger," as seen by children.

    Christmas Presence

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent, Jesus
    A reader's theatre perspective on the greatest gift of the holiday season: the presence of God.

    A Litany Of Praise and Thanksgiving

    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Worship, Thankfulness
    This script is just as its name implies, a litany of praise and thanksgiving. While it was written to be performed by teenagers, it could be performed by a combination of teens and adults. It is a celebration of life and God.

    The American Resolution

    A series of people make their list of resolutions for the New Year.

    Parable of the Chefs

    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Grace
    A modern take on Matthew 20:1-16 (the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard) .


    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Worship
    A Reader's Theatre style script dealing with unity in the body, specifically regarding worship.

    No Fear

    • Script Topics

      Fear, Trust
    Each of four characters describes his or her biggest fear, though they all have been taught that they have no need to fear anything. The end reminds the audience, "Don't be discouraged, for the Lord God will be with you wherever you go."

    Listening to God

    • Script Topics

      Faith, Listening To God
    A Reader's Theatre style lesson on taking time to listen for God's voice in the midst of modern clamor.
    9 of 11 items
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