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    Can You Hear Me Knocking?

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Love
    Three vignettes each show a different needy person reaching out for help.

    A Place to Belong

    • Script Topics

      Church Life
    Three people share their very different views of what they need from church.

    The Weissmans (Christmas on Woodward, part 4)

    Part Four (of Four) depicting the 3 wisemen of a modern day Nativity story, who are are delivering a meal to a young couple at the Sav-Mor Inn with a new baby. And that baby changes everyone in the Weissman family.

    The Box of Stones

    • Script Topics

      Grace, Peace
    A young woman tries to find relief of her life's burdens by visiting a therapist and her friends but comes to realize that it is only through Christ that she can find true peace.


    • Script Topics

      Anger, Parenting
    A father loses his temper and uses damaging language to reprimand his son for doing poorly in school.

    Out of the Ashes

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Materialism
    How important are material possessions? What would you do if you lost everything you ever worked for? What is really important? This drama poses these very important life questions.

    Our Father

    • Script Topics

    A sister faces disappointment in her biological father and other family members, but finds joy in rediscovering her divine father on Christmas day.

    My Lunch with Andrea

    • Script Topics

      Abstinence, Dating, Relationships
    A man discusses the biblical view of marriage with his live-in girlfriend and that he must make some changes in their relationship.


    • Script Topics

      Divorce, Forgiveness
    A divorcee realizes that she hasn't yet forgiven her ex-husband.
    9 of 11 items
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