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    Wrapped Up In Christmas

    All of Suzanne's friends have exciting lives. In reality, they are busy with activities, decorating, and Santa Claus, and they realize something is missing. Suzanne discovers God is always doing something special. She writes her annual Christmas letter with this in mind and touches their lives.

    Witnesses to Good Friday

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Good Friday
    Three people who came into contact with Jesus speak to him at the foot of the cross. One is a believer, one a doubter, one an unbeliever.

    The Long Drive Home

    • Script Topics

      Gossip, Judging Others
    To show how easy it is to get caught up in criticizing and judging others.

    The Innkeeper's Encounter

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Kindness, Love
    The Jewish proprietor of an inn along the Jericho road is cleaning up when the door swings open to reveal a dreaded Samaritan bearing the near-dead body of a Jew. What begins as confusion and anger at the sight of this outsider, turns into admiration and respect for his unconditional love.


    • Script Topics

      Forgiveness, Relationships, Women
    A high school reunion reunites two girlfriends with a third, long-estranged, girlfriend.

    Ordinary Women

    • Script Topics

      Evangelism, Obedience, Stewardship
    Four women share testimonies of their personal evangelistic efforts. Each is convinced that they have done little to affect the kingdom. But they have - simply by being available and obedient to God.


    • Script Topics

    This touching sketch is split into two scenes: one contemporary, one a flashback. In both scenes, a mother and daughter argue about the mother asserting her parental authority and keeping the daughter from doing as she pleases: a generational problem.
    7 of 7 items
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