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    A Christmas Bus Ride Story

    • Script Topics

      Parenting, Women
    One stranger (Mary) explains the point of Christmas to a scared and disullusioned stranger in labor with her first child.

    Wrapped Up In Christmas

    All of Suzanne's friends have exciting lives. In reality, they are busy with activities, decorating, and Santa Claus, and they realize something is missing. Suzanne discovers God is always doing something special. She writes her annual Christmas letter with this in mind and touches their lives.

    What Child Is This?

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Christmas / Advent, Jesus
    Mary and Joseph reflect on their lives since the announcement of Jesus' birth and come to see God's sovereignty in all circumstances.

    There's Nothing About Mary (Christmas on Woodward, Part 1)

    Part One (of Four) depicting Mary's fears regarding what Joseph will say about her pregnancy in a modern day Nativity story (which takes place in an underprivileged community).

    The Weissmans (Christmas on Woodward, part 4)

    Part Four (of Four) depicting the 3 wisemen of a modern day Nativity story, who are are delivering a meal to a young couple at the Sav-Mor Inn with a new baby. And that baby changes everyone in the Weissman family.

    The Image of Christ

    • Script Topics

    A Kinko's worker rants about his hectic work schedule at Christmastime until he sees a photograph that reminds him of the people he met due to 9/11.

    The Bells

    • Script Topics

    Inspired by the folk tale When the Chimes Rang. A young boy and his sister travel to town to make a humble Christmas offering. Everyone in church is hoping that the chimes will ring, and many elaborate gifts are given. But it is the offering of the children that ultimately makes the chimes ring.

    Our Father

    • Script Topics

    A sister faces disappointment in her biological father and other family members, but finds joy in rediscovering her divine father on Christmas day.

    No Room At the Inn (Christmas on Woodward, Part 2)

    Part Two (of Four) depicting the harried innkeeper of a modern day Nativity story, whose wife encourages him to "make room for one more miracle" at the Sav-Mor Inn.
    9 of 11 items
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