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    Christian Gas

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    A convenience store worker talks about the rise of the Christian marketplace, how there's a Christian equivalent for everything, and how this has led to Christian hiding from the secular world and keeping Jesus hidden as well.

    Time To Raise Your Hand

    • Script Topics

      Church Life
    Christians give humorous but all too familiar excuses for not being involved in church ministry.

    The Old Model Gospel

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    A woman goes to a car lot looking for the gospel and encounters several false gospels before she finds the right one, one much older and less flashy than the others.

    The Easter Habit

    • Script Topics

    Actors in an Easter Pageant realize that they are going through the motions and are no longer in touch with the meaning of the story they tell.

    Temptation 101

    • Script Topics

      Pride, Temptation
    A demon in training gets a lesson on tempting believers.

    Stop Doubting and Believe

    • Script Topics

    A man talks to a coworker about his mother's nagging request that he go to church with her on Easter. His co-worker in turn confronts him with the question, what will it take to get you to stop doubting?

    If Only

    • Script Topics

      Self-esteem, Youth
    To open discussions with youth about self-worth.
    7 of 7 items
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