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  • Hold Fast
  • Love And Waffles
  • A Statement Of Belief
  • I Can Pray All By Myself
  • A Statement of Belief
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    Love And Waffles

    • Script Topics

      Grace, Redemption
    A former college party animal, now a Christian, goes to his regular diner for an early Sunday morning breakfast and unexpectedly encounters his college roommate, whose life has taken a different path.

    Hold Fast

    • Script Topics

      Doubts, Provision, Obedience, Miracles, Trust
    A news reporter interviews crew members of a ship that survived a deadly storm, asking how they were able to make it through.

    I Can Pray All By Myself

    • Script Topics

      Worship, Discipleship, Faith
    Parents are brought up short when their son announces that he doesn’t need to go to church with them as they are getting ready to leave on Sunday morning.

    Crazy Man

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    Two modern guys run into Jesus. After asking if the stories about him are true, one of the men has a hard time understanding why Jesus would die to save the people who killed him and a sinner like him.

    Consequence-Free Evangelism

    A group of shy, lazy, fearful Christians look for the easy way out when it comes to fulfilling the great commission.

    A Year's Difference

    • Script Topics

    Two women meet at an infamous restaurant from their past so that one can thank the other for her friendship and encouragement during a hard time in her life.

    A Day Before Vacation

    • Script Topics

    A successful businessman and devoted family guy finds out he is being fired the day before leaving on a dream family vacation.

    You and Me, Jesus

    • Script Topics

      Priorities, Youth
    Every morning, Lucy wakes up intending to spend time with Jesus, but she always puts it off ... until life gets so bad she finally turns to Jesus only to blame him for her troubles.

    What To Do with the Wounded

    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Judging Others, Sin
    Two believers discuss what they should do when they encounter a believer who has sinned.
    9 of 13 items
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