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  • A Statement of Belief
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    You've Been Censored, Charlie Brown

    • Script Topics

    A TV network censorship panel must meet new standards and cut the Christian ending off A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Step by Step

    • Script Topics

    Maureen, step-mother to teenage Rudy, is struggling to make friends with Rudy who is bitter about her circumstances.

    One Small Child

    • Script Topics

      Jesus, Christmas / Advent, Bible Story
    A mini-pageant that relates the Nativity narratives found in the Gospels of Matthew & Luke as a bedtime story.

    Happy Holidays?

    • Script Topics

    Three independent scenes (featuring the same two actors in different roles) illustrate how worry, doubt, and guilt keep people from enjoying the holidays. Could be done with two actors changing parts for each scene or 6 separate actors.

    Guess What, Joseph?

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    Mary visits Joseph at his workshop to tell him she's had an unusual visitor who imparted some wonderful, yet unsettling, news.
    5 of 5 items
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