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    Hebrews Hall of Faith

    • Script Topics

      Faith, Trust, Waiting
    A virtual “Hall of Faith” is created as Hebrews chapter 11 is read aloud. As each Old Testament hero is mentioned, participants silently gather on stage. Each one holds a poster displaying their name and faithful deed. The result is a grouping of “Bible Greats” in present day form.

    Prepare the Way

    • Script Topics

      Jesus, Christmas / Advent, Salvation
    Readings from the book of Isaiah and the Gospel according to Mark combine to form a beautiful dramatic reading of the nativity story. A wonderful text for the Advent season.

    He Is

    • Script Topics

      Salvation, Youth
    A variety of youth voices bring us from creation to fall to redemption by retelling the place of Jesus in history, primarily through the use of Biblical quotes and paraphrases.

    Even So

    • Script Topics

      Forgiveness, Sin
    A number of people who have fallen away or sinned greatly share their stories. To each one, Jesus reaffirms his love.

    Marriage Bank

    • Script Topics

      Marriage, Relationships
    What if marriage resembled a bank? A sarcastic look at making deposits and withdrawals for "stuff" in marriage.
    5 of 5 items
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