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  • Born is a King!
  • A Christmas of Poetry
  • An Advent Service of Candles & Carols
  • A Prayer for Father's Day
  • Cry Glory!
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    A Christmas of Poetry

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent
    Poignant yet powerful, sentimental yet scriptural, "A Christmas of Poetry" features 5 original free-verse poems and Scripture readings. This heartfelt piece can be read by one or two people. We've included some song suggestions as well if you'd like to add a musical element!

    Hebrews Hall of Faith

    • Script Topics

      Faith, Trust, Waiting
    A virtual “Hall of Faith” is created as Hebrews chapter 11 is read aloud. As each Old Testament hero is mentioned, participants silently gather on stage. Each one holds a poster displaying their name and faithful deed. The result is a grouping of “Bible Greats” in present day form.

    An Advent Service of Candles & Carols

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent
    This wonderful grouping of responsive scripture readings conveys the sacred beauty of the Advent story. Includes carols for congregational singing. Can be produced in weekly Advent candle lightings or as a 27 minute service.

    After the Rooster

    • Script Topics

    A contemporary look at Simon Peter, "The Rock," who denied the Lord but found forgiveness.

    Trial By Pilate

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Good Friday
    Jesus' trial before Pilate is revisited, as readings from the Old and New Testaments answer Pilate's questions.

    Lego People

    • Script Topics

      Communication, Divorce, Family
    This touching reader's theater examines the effect of divorce on children: "They said they were getting a divorce. I remember seeing my Lego set in the corner of the room and thinking, 'I wish I was a Lego person; they're made to come apart.'"

    Get a Life

    • Script Topics

    This reader's theater piece is written for two readers but can be performed by more. It is a touching exploration of the places we look for love while ignoring God's still, small voice telling us, "You're wonderful. I love you."

    Cry Glory!

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    This is a dramatic reading, primarily of Scripture, focusing on God's glory. It is a powerful display of the power of God through numerous Scripture references.
    8 of 8 items
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