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    The Gift

    • Script Topics

      Death, Family, Giving, Grief, Healing
    A member of the Organ Procurement Organization meets with the mother of an organ donor who died earlier that day.

    The Easter Parade

    • Script Topics

      Family, Priorities
    As Paul and Connie prepare to host an Easter egg hunt, they debate the meaning of the holy day. But the meaning of their debate takes a radical shift when tragedy strikes.

    He Was Not a Man

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    Pontius Pilate reflects on his fateful decision that sent an innocent Man to Calvary.


    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Good Friday
    When two servants discuss the crucifixion of Jesus, one tells how Peter's denial brought about a change in her opinion of the man. A convicting call to stand in the midst of persecution, as we never know who may be watching.


    • Script Topics

    Two priests – one the father of Barabbas – discuss the crucifixion of the man called Jesus. Could it be these two learned men had missed the Messiah?
    5 of 5 items
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