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    A Christmas Bus Ride Story

    • Script Topics

      Parenting, Women
    One stranger (Mary) explains the point of Christmas to a scared and disullusioned stranger in labor with her first child.

    What Child Is This?

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Christmas / Advent, Jesus
    Mary and Joseph reflect on their lives since the announcement of Jesus' birth and come to see God's sovereignty in all circumstances.

    There's Nothing About Mary (Christmas on Woodward, Part 1)

    Part One (of Four) depicting Mary's fears regarding what Joseph will say about her pregnancy in a modern day Nativity story (which takes place in an underprivileged community).

    Step by Step

    • Script Topics

    Maureen, step-mother to teenage Rudy, is struggling to make friends with Rudy who is bitter about her circumstances.

    No Room At the Inn (Christmas on Woodward, Part 2)

    Part Two (of Four) depicting the harried innkeeper of a modern day Nativity story, whose wife encourages him to "make room for one more miracle" at the Sav-Mor Inn.

    I Miss Him So Much (Her Second Christmas Alone)

    • Script Topics

      Death, Loss
    Roger tries to sell Margaret a carpet cleaner but the pair soon realizes they have great personal tragedy in common. Margaret shares her faith, but Roger is reluctant to believe in a God who would let such a horrible tragedy happen in his life.

    Happy Holidays?

    • Script Topics

    Three independent scenes (featuring the same two actors in different roles) illustrate how worry, doubt, and guilt keep people from enjoying the holidays. Could be done with two actors changing parts for each scene or 6 separate actors.

    Guess What, Joseph?

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story
    Mary visits Joseph at his workshop to tell him she's had an unusual visitor who imparted some wonderful, yet unsettling, news.
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