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    A Day Before Vacation

    • Script Topics

    A successful businessman and devoted family guy finds out he is being fired the day before leaving on a dream family vacation.

    Vacation Surprise

    • Script Topics

      Marriage, Communication, Evangelism
    When Darlene receives a phone call from her husband saying he's taking her on a dream getaway, she thinks they'll be going on a romantic second honeymoon to the sandy beaches of Acapulco. They'll be going to Acapulco alright, but it is for a missions trip to the Indians.

    Vacation Plans

    • Script Topics

      Marriage, Priorities
    A husband and wife making vacation plans illustrate a comic lack of proper priorities.

    Tropical Vacation

    • Script Topics

      Peace, Youth
    A young boy who is stressed with life deludes himself into thinking he is on a beach.

    Red Flag

    • Script Topics

    While flipping through her vacation pictures, a young mother wrestles with anxiety about her family's safety.
    5 of 5 items
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