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    Thank You For The Fleas?

    • Script Topics

      Family, Thankfulness, Gratitude, School
    A mother is in a hurry, picking up her child from school. The streetlights are red, and Mom is impatient. She gets an unexpected lesson in patience from her child.

    The Gift

    • Script Topics

      Death, Family, Giving, Grief, Healing
    A member of the Organ Procurement Organization meets with the mother of an organ donor who died earlier that day.

    Are You Worthy?

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent, Christian Living
    An angelic game show host questions his next contestant: Mary, the future mother of the Savior.

    Step by Step

    • Script Topics

    Maureen, step-mother to teenage Rudy, is struggling to make friends with Rudy who is bitter about her circumstances.

    Something Missing

    • Script Topics

    A mother realizes that there's something missing from her family's celebration of Easter.


    • Script Topics

      Relationships, Spirituality
    A mother and son talk about his Grandfather, who seems strange and a bit distant. The mother helps the boy understand his Grandfather better. The relationship to the Grandfather is an image of our relationship to God.

    Mother and Child Reunion

    • Script Topics

    Expecting to meet her birth mother for the first time, a young woman instead learns her family's history through her grandmother. This sobering reunion explores the generational effect of sin on families.

    Missing Persons

    • Script Topics

      Death, Loss
    A brother and a sister face an awkward reunion after their mother's funeral.

    Brotherly Love

    • Script Topics

      Commitment, Family
    A man summons the courage to call his brother in order to discuss the care of their mother.
    9 of 9 items
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