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“I’d Rather See A Sermon Than Hear One Any Day…”

Although I was only nine years old at the time, I remember those words spoken by my childhood pastor, Dr. James B. Sawyer, the week I accepted Christ.

Now that I’m as old as he was then, I’m starting to get it… There is something irresistibly compelling about the Gospel being acted out; not only in the theater of our lives, but on an actual stage as well.

That’s why Drama Ministry exists.

Whether you’re looking for an extended illustration or a sermon starter, a playful comedy or a poignant drama, something for a cast of six or a monologue for one, Drama Ministry has something for almost any need and every season.

Our paid members can search more than 800 scripts from more than 60 authors on almost 100 topics by cast size, length and dramatic type. View the whole script—not just a portion, and then download a pdf of the whole piece and make as many copies as you need for your cast and crew.

You can have hundreds of hours of high-quality, inspirational scripts at your “finger-click” for an annual membership of only $119…that’s an average of less than $2 each week.

Plus, every month we’ll send you an e-newsletter with four brand new scripts as well as a “director’s chair” blog from our amazing editor Rachel Hoyer, sharing insight and inspiration for you and your team.

For more than a decade, Drama Ministry has been helping drama ministries like yours. We’re convinced that if you become a member for a year, you’ll be a fan for life.

Consider subscribing today!

Vince Wilcox
General Manager
Drama Ministry

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