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In 1995, we set out to inspire and equip drama ministries like yours to glorify God from whatever stage they had.


Twenty years later, we’ve amassed more than 800 scripts by more than 100 authors spanning almost 100 different topics, for any and every season—and they’re all searchable in our incredibly powerful database.

Search. Download. Print. It’s that simple.

In addition to comedies, dramas, monologues and reader’s theater pieces, there are “Director’s Chair” blogs by people who love the impact and immediacy of live theater. Every month we’ll send you a newsletter spotlighting scripts for the upcoming season or holiday.

Exceptional quality.
Amazing selection.
Instant access.
Terrific value.

And it’s all at your fingertips for less than 25 cents a day (only $75 a year) for unlimited script downloads. Or, if you only need a script every now and then, you can sign up for our $15 one script per month self-renewing membership.

To celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we’ve dropped our unlimited annual membership from $119 to just $75 a year. Consider joining today… because at Drama Ministry, church drama is a good thing!

Vince Wilcox
General Manager
Drama Ministry

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