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    Christmas Baby

    Four people give their views on how they see Christmas and view the baby.

    Crucify Him

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Good Friday
    A man stumbles into the mob calling for Jesus' death and joins right in until he hears who the crowd wants to execute.

    A Litany Of Praise and Thanksgiving

    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Worship, Thankfulness
    This script is just as its name implies, a litany of praise and thanksgiving. While it was written to be performed by teenagers, it could be performed by a combination of teens and adults. It is a celebration of life and God.

    What Does God Sound Like

    Four actors make reference to Elijah's experience at Mt. Horeb when he heard God's voice in a way he hadn't expected.

    The Dying Among Us

    Kelly and Beth are getting ready to go out with their friends Mark and Craig on Halloween. They are putting finishing touches on their costumes when Mark and Craig arrive, dressed as the Grim Reaper and a pirate. In the ensuing conversation, we learn that one of the teens is on the verge of suicide.

    Some Assembly Required

    • Script Topics

      Marriage, Priorities
    Two married couples— one from first-century Palestine and one from contemporary America — prepare to go to an evening Bible study with dramatically different attitudes.

    Ready or Not

    • Script Topics

      Death, Priorities
    A mother, a businessman, and a teenager each give excuses for being unprepared for an all-important meeting: their appointment with death.

    Open Your Eyes

    • Script Topics

      Evangelism, Youth, School
    Gwen bemoans having to go to school for another year while waiting for a full-time ministry and almost misses the chance to minister to her friends.


    • Script Topics

      Church Life, Worship
    A Reader's Theatre style script dealing with unity in the body, specifically regarding worship.
    9 of 14 items
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