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    Jack Loves Cranberries

    A wacky uncle shows up for Thanksgiving with a six foot tall cranberry mold that has been his best friend for years.

    You Want Change For That Quarter?

    • Script Topics

    A Salvation Army volunteer finds dramatically different views on charity among a host of holiday shoppers.

    Who's the Man

    • Script Topics

    This video sketch is best "performed" using your own worship leaders and pastors. Any good video camera will do to film, and you will need a projection screen to show the video. It demonstrates that the best part of honor is in honoring, but we often get caught praising ourselves instead of God.

    What's Your Motive?

    • Script Topics

    A talk-show host uncovers the motives behind why people accept Christ, finding more people who did it for selfish reasons rather than for love of who Christ is.

    Twas the Night Before Christmas

    • Script Topics

      Christmas / Advent
    Marvin, who simply wants to read the famous Christmas poem about Santa, is assaulted by family members who have their own ideas of what the night before Christmas should be like. In the end, no one quite knows the reason for the season.

    Name Tags

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Family
    Family attending seminar on power of names (Mom “Quick Tempered,” Dad “Lazy All His Life,” and children “Always in Trouble” and “Painfully Shy”) meets a dating couple (“Will Never Get Married” and “Can’t Commit to Anything”). The names we call each other-even in jest-can affect our attitudes.

    My Burden Has Been Lifted

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Faith
    To demonstrate how Christians sometimes pile burdens on new Christians.

    Last Minute Rush

    • Script Topics

    Too busy to shop himself, a father sends his business associates out to shop on Christmas morning for his family's presents. But as the new possessions fail to satisfy the spoiled children, the father is left to wonder if there is anything more to Christmas than presents.

    Dear Gabby

    • Script Topics

    An advice columnist dispenses conventional wisdom on conflict.
    9 of 10 items
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