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A letter from Regi Stone in response to current events

We’re living in one of the most unusual moments in history. The Coronavirus has shifted how we do almost everything, especially for those in ministry: online church, Facebook Live worship, sermons and more.

While some are cherishing the additional time at home with families, many are overwhelmed by legitimate financial concerns and with the welfare of their loved ones. And who would have dreamed we wouldn’t be able to find toilet paper at the grocery store?

Although it’s disconcerting not to be able to gather in person as God’s people, it’s essential to remember that this world is not our home…it’s just on the way to where we’re going. While we might long for things to get “back to normal,” even the best of what we’ve ever had won’t compare to what we’ll experience when we gather together with Jesus in the new heaven and new earth.

Remember this: none of us—nor any leader—can fix everything that’s wrong in the world today. There will always be wars. There will always be contagious diseases. There will always be hunger, poverty, hate, envy, and murder.

But throughout the ages, God’s people have always shone brightest when it’s been the darkest, have always hoped best when things seemed hopeless, have always loved most when people’s needs were the greatest.

So instead of putting life on hold and “riding out” this season, let’s ask the Lord how we can be used in such a time as this.

Instead of sweating the details and assigning blame, let’s pray without ceasing and “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us (1 Thessalonians 5:17-18).”

If we truly believe God can use every circumstance for his glory and our good, let’s incline our hearts toward what he’s doing and saying in this moment.

I dare say he’s undermining anything and everything in which we put our trust that’s not him.

And maybe that’s the point: tribulation isn’t God’s judgment, but rather for the world’s redemption.

Over the past month, online church viewing is up exponentially over the number of people who collectively attended physically and virtually before the crisis began. The world is looking for hope, and we know his Name and are led by his Spirit.

Let’s show them. Let’s tell them. Let’s love them.

When we wring our hands and dwell on our circumstances, we “make” God smaller than he really is. But, when we place our eyes on him, he puts everything else in its proper place and helps us realize that he is bigger—way bigger—than all our personal and world problems. He does have the whole world in his hands.

At Discover Worship, we’re obviously disappointed that your choir hasn't been able to rehearse and perform our music for the past several weeks. But we’re confident God will take what the enemy meant for our destruction and turn it into a means for our deliverance.

We look toward the day when we will not only be able to lift our voices in worship together in our houses of worship, but toward That Day when all of this life’s “rehearsals” will give way to glorious worship before His Throne.

While we’re going through this together, we want you to know we’re thankful for you and hold you in our hearts and prayers through a difficult season.

We pray God’s peace over you and yours.

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